Welcome to AllYourFaithAreBelongToUs.com. In short, our purpose here is to spread information and education to the masses. It is rather unfortunate that most of these people refuse to consider or even listen to our voice. We feel our voice, and the voice of other freethinkers, is the true savior of humanity; not that of some imaginary being of worship. It is the concept of this imaginary being, in our eyes, that is actually the drain on humanity. It is the concept of this imaginary being that is thwarting social development and progress. It is our purpose, as atheists and lovers of mankind, to take back all the negativity that humanity has imposed upon itself. All your faith are belong to us.
One of our own has come through with an amazing accomplishment. Azrienoch has published his first book. Az brings us fresh ideas based on Wittgenstein's philosophical work. Support him by placing your order for The Perpetual Wound.
N E W   C O N T E N T:
Of Bugs, Cards, and Gods
by Square Circle

A short story about life and absurdism.
Defending Atheism
by Square Circle

Why I'm an atheist, and an overall defense of atheism.
Introducing the Tractatus
by Azrienoch

The world is all that is the case.
Egyption View of Death
by Jesse

A look into how the Ancient Egyptions viewed death.
Social Reconstruction 2
by Bojmir

I think the biggest piece of the puzzle is educating young minds.
L A T E S T   N E W S:
03/07/07: All is well. Contact me (bojmir at allyourfaitharebelongtous dot com) if you have any question or comments or see anything that isn't right. Also, if you'd like information about contributing, get in touch.